Frederick Murphy

At History Before Us, we understand the importance of history to our collective humanity and we are committed to collecting and preserving it. We are born from many years of family research and a passion for preserving the oral stories taken from the people before us who were part of certain periods of history. With careful attention to historical events came a burning desire to share the knowledge gained via various modalities of education.


Our goal is to preserve for future generations, these valuable stories, and experiences that will never return. We are committed to making sure that the masses have insight into historical events with the firm belief historical knowledge provides a background for making solid decisions in the future. As the old saying goes, “he who refuses to learn from the past is doomed to repeat it.” History Before Us understands that history is the lens through which we can put our present experiences into perspective. It is the one thing that shows us who we truly are, and how we arrived to our present state of being.


Since 2016, we have played a constant role in the collection and preservation of history while being committed to advocating how history influences the future. We firmly believe not collecting and sharing historical information would be doing a disservice to mankind.

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