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The American South as We Know It


Hello everyone!

I want to give everyone who follows the website an update. As some of you may know, on April 13th 2018 I released my first documentary The American South as We Know It. Since it’s release, i have been blessed to travel across the country and screen the film at libraries, film festivals, institutions of learning, churches, community centers, and other historic sites. In addition to the screenings, as a Licensed Professional Counselor, I provide a presentation titled Utilizing Film to better Understand Historical Trauma in the African American Community.

The film has currently won 3 awards thanks to the support of you and others. Currently, i am working on my next documentary titled The other side of the coin: Race, Generations and Reconciliation. More info on that documentary will come soon. Again, thanks for supporting. If you have not seen the film, you can find on Amazon as well as Vimeo. Both can be found on the documentary website www.americansouthfilm.com

Peace and Blessings!

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